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Hey, there Sport… whether you’re a serious or weekend sports junkie, your body is going to suffer from aches and pains. Your muscles will spasm. Sometimes you’ll be too fatigued just to get up and get going. Other times you’ll be benched with the inability to perform at all. Heavy training can deplete the immune system. Pushing yourself […]


“Wait a minute, there. I watch what I eat.  I know all about the food pyramid. I juice, even if it is green and makes me want to retch. I know that kale and quinoa are today’s food kings. I must be getting everything I need.” Without even really being aware of it we are […]

Questions, Questions, Questions

In a fatigue funk? Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Zip been zapped? Battery been battered? Horse powered off? No matter your age, throughout your life there are times you just don’t feel like yourself. You don’t know what’s wrong, so you figure “what’s the use of going to see a Doctor?” What […]

The Vein Gain

O.K., let’s start at the beginning. What is IV therapy? Quite simply, it means intravenous infusion of liquid essential nutrients directly into a vein. The first thing in understanding all of its benefits is to toss all those images that might be flashing through your head having watched one too many Doctor/Medical television series. Forget […]